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Arya Samaj Mandir Hall, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi-110 048.
98 103 08287

"Historically, Karate played a role in social education. Karate training itself is moral education... This is the true duty of those teaching Karate... It is because of this that the instructor has to be acutely aware of his words and actions, as well as his attitude in daily life. I think that an instructor must first be able to do what he preaches." - Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura (The Human Face of Karate)
G.K.-II Dojo Instructors

Senpai Nagender Singh Gulliya,
3rd Dan Black Belt, Co-Chairman, Seido India, and Chief Instructor

Senpai Nagender Singh Gulliya

Senpai Nagender - a 3rd dan (degree) black belt, has been involved in the martial arts for over 18 years. He began his karate training in 1985 under the instruction of Sensei R.S. Kanwar as a very gifted and dedicated student. He is also grateful for having received personal instruction from Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura and Shihan Solly Said of South Africa.

Senpai Nagender Singh Gulliya

Throughout his carrier he has successfully competed in tournaments, organized demonstrations and lectures, and conducted training courses for the paramilitary forces.

He takes Seido classes from the white to the black belt level every day at the G.K.II-Dojo in New Delhi.

Senpai Khurshid Alam,
Black Belt, Instructor

Senpai Khurshid Alam Senpai Khurshid Alam

Senpai Khurshid started training in Seido Karate in 1995. He found fulfilment in Seido Karate and his sincerity and dedication were rewarded with the Shodan in the year 2001 to the satisfaction of Kaicho Nakamura himself, during his visit to India. A talented karateka, he has successfully competed in numerous tournaments in and outside Delhi. Senpai Khurshid is a professional, full time Karate instructor, who assists Senpai Nagender at the Arya Samaj (G.K.-II) dojo and manages his own dojo in Kalkaji, New Delhi.
(Main Park, Kalkaji Extension, Pocket A-11. Contact no. 98 910 44420.)

Senpai Ashish Kamat,
Black Belt, Instructor

Senpai Ashish Kamat Senpai Ashish Kamat

Senpai Ashish Kamat has been learning Karate under the tutelage of Sensei R.S. Kanwar and Senpai Nagender Singh Gulliya for 12 years, since 1991. A keen and energetic student of Karate, he enjoyed a fruitful competitive career. He achieved the level of black belt in 2001. Besides having a full-time job with NewGen Software, a multinational company (and also being a fitness instructor for the company's personnel), Senpai Ashish assists Senpai Nagender at the GK-II dojo and also teaches karate at Charmwood Village and the Godavri Sports Club. Contact no. 9350869563.

Senpai Ajat Shatru,
Black Belt, Instructor

Senpai Ajat Shatru Senpai Ajat has been devoted to Seido Karate for eight years and obtained his Black Belt (Shodan) along with Senpai Khurshid and Senpai Ashish in 2001. His mischievous enthusiasm and humour are as infectious as his determination and hard work in the dojo. Despite his hectic business schedule, he takes time out to continue his learning and teaches morning classes six days a week at the GK-II dojo.

Instructors from Other Branches

Senpai Rahul Agarwal,
Nidan (II Degree Black Belt)

Senpai Rahul Agarwal with Kaicho Tadashi
Nakamura during his training and NiDan test at New York, USA in October 2004.

Senpai Rahul Agarwal has been associated with SEIDO for more than 11 years. An avid fitness and health enthusiast, he is also a fitness & self-defence Trainer & Consultant.

An MBA in HR from Delhi School of Economics, has worked with organizations like Nike and TCS. The urge to pursue his lifelong passion made him quit his job and start his own dojo at Sports and Cultural Club, Sector 15 A, Noida in May 2002.

Senpai Rahul trained under Seido Grandmaster (Kaicho) Tadashi Nakamura at New York, US in October 2004 and was awarded NiDan on successful completion of his training.

Presently he is also working with a Behavioral & Attitudinal Training & Consulting Organization.

You can speak with him at 9891253970 or write to him at seidokaratenoida&

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