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Arya Samaj Mandir Hall, Greater Kailash-II, New Delhi-110 048.
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"In order to understand oneself you must first understand others. People live their lives coexisting with others, all people are one, and we are all bound by invisible relationships." - Kaicho Tadashi Nakamura (The Human Face of Karate)

 10.04.2005: Raju Agarhari, an Advance Brown Belt from Seido Karate Nepal, a student of Senpai Rana, has completed a 10-day training in our Dojo.


 15.03.2005: Congratulations to Shyamol Bijoli, Prem Raj, Yulia Pal and Shanti Vishwakarma who successfully completed their Black Belt grading on 26th February' 2005.


22.01.2005: New photographs: Kagami Biraki at G.K.-II Dojo, 9th January, 2005

20.01.2005: Events Schedule for 2005

12.12.2003: Seido Australia International Benefit Tournament'03See more pictures on the Australian Tournament' 2003.


26.11.2003: Senpai Nagender is leaving for Sydney, Australia to take part in Seido Australia International Festival and Benefit Tournament'03. The Seido India family wishes him best of luck!

 06.11.2003: Congratulations to Rajesh Narula, Santana Biswas, Manish Datta, Moses Koul, Aaron Koul and Abhinav Khanna who successfully passed their black belt gradings at the Seido Branch in Arya Samaj Hall, GK II and were awarded Shodan by Senpai Nagender and Senpai Hardeep. We welcome our new black belts!

31.10.2003: Shodan grading commenced on 29th October for Rajesh Narula, Santana Biswas, Manish Datta, Moses Koul, Aaron Koul and Abhinav Khanna. We wish them best of luck!

09.10.2003: This Saturday (10/09) is the dojo clean-up day! Everybody is invited!

09.10.2003: The websited design has undergone few changes and a new essay have been added to the From the Dojo page.

16.06.2003: Additional kumite classes have been introduced every alternate Sunday. Timings (summer): 7 to 8 a.m.

Shodan Awarded

30.12.2002: Mohammed Feroze and Vivek Kumar were awarded the Shodan a grueling test of seven days. The test was conducted by Senpai Nagender and Senpai Hardeep at the Seido Branch in Arya Samaj Hall, GK II. We welcome the newest members of the Black Belt Seido Karatekas. Congratulations!

Later on the same day there was a prize distribution ceremony for students who had participated in the juniors' tournament earlier the same day, and a bonfire party. This event was well attended by the dojo members and their families.

Senpai Nagender's Courage

 At a demonstration in Delhi recently, Senpai Nagender was electrocuted after accidentally coming in contact with a life power source before the start of the demonstration. However he managed to successfully conduct the demonstration for over an hour and showed a gamut of Seido techniques, including Tameshiwari on 18 marble tiles, before collapsing shortly after the show was over. He was administered first aid in the form of pranic healing; thankfully no hospitalization was required. We thank Seido for giving us the courage to handle situations like this, and Senpai Nagender for setting us a personal example of courage and leadership.

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